MWM Picks: The Chukka or Desert Boot

by MWM


The original Clarks Desert Boot

Sometimes, the typical low-cut pair of shoes can look and feel too staid, ordinary and boring. If you want to roughen up your look, there’s nothing like suiting up in a pair of chukka or desert boots.

The boots are characterized by its simple, streamlined design, without any stitched-together hard pieces, along with its trademarked soft, sneaker-like crepe sole. The clean-looking silhouette make it ideal for the office workplace, ably augmenting a dress shirt and pants. At the other end of the spectrum, they work just as well as an attention-grabbing centerpiece to a simple jeans-and-t-shirt look.


If they’re good enough for film icon Steve McQueen, they’re good enough for you

Although Clarks has been in existence in this country for many years (for a history of the brand, go here), it is only recently that they’ve (thankfully) introduced their desert boot model to local stores. Due to its popularity and accessibility price-wise, Clarks boots tend to be a common sight in developed, first-world cities such as the U.S. and elsewhere. Here, you’re bound to have a distinct and unique look. However, there’s a downside: Prices tend to go upwards of Php8,000 (about US$177, almost a $50 markup from their SRP), which can be a large investment, but it may be worth it to some. You’ll be guaranteed notices and many a compliment by colleagues, peers and friends. clarks boots

What your shoes will probably look like after a couple of months (or weeks) of wear. Photo from

The usual look and material for chukkas or desert boots is suede, to be worn specifically post-Winter when the temperature starts to go up. This applies to dry areas with four-season weather. When you’re in a country with just two major seasons – hot and wet – suede can turn downright ugly (i.e.,moldy) after being drenched in the rain, or waded through in puddles or – gasp! – floods. A waterproof, or beeswax leather is the best method of protecting your feet and, more importantly, preserving your shoes for a long time. (Although, yeah, it’s probably best to not wear it much during rainy season.)

resoled clarks boots

A great example of beat-up, re-soled Clarks, from