Flipping Through: GQ April 2014 (Part 2)

by MWM

We’ll be digging into the meat-and-potatoes of the magazine, i.e., the spreads (and more ads). Won’t be posting all the picks or choices, because that would be, hehe, illegal, but just focus on the highlights (sprinkled with some opinion and/or criticism) of stuff local guys should be mindful of when purchasing or laying out their outfits.

0000107Page 106, Sperry ad – a bit boring, a bit basic, a bit safe – but nail the fits, and it works.

0000109Page 109, Jack Spade ad – same deal; though a little slouchy and dweeby, it’s still very much acceptable and dressed-up. Just arch your back and exude some confidence.



0000119Page 118, Dockers ad – Two cool looks. On the left – Light chambray, white jeans, dark chukkas – all great, but lose the tie ; something’s just off about wearing a tie without a jacket. To the right – a bit more trendy, with a striped shirt, casual blazer and cranberry pants – maybe try something more muted with the latter, like burgundy. These two are great outfits that work for the mid-to-above level salaryman (fittingly apt for chilling out or taking a meeting at a local Starbucks, Coffee Bean, et. al.)

0000130Page 129, Target Ad – A  cool outfit that I’ve actually seen many young, stylish 20-somethings rock on the weekend (consider it the Bonifacio High Street look, ready for the street style camera) – unbuttoned denim, khaki/chinos, navy canvas sneaks – all classics, not bad, can’t go wrong.



0000133Page 132, Target Ad (2) – A nice variation on the polo and slacks (or jeans look). Instead of the traditional blue/white/grey color combos, go green. The main thing Mr. Reddick does in this pic is nail the fit of the polo, especially in the shoulder, bicep area. Take note, guys, next time you buy one – a fitted polo makes most beefy guys look cut.

0000134Page 133, Target Ad (3) – Same thing with Mr. Williams, this time with the polo tucked in. The patterned shirt is distinct and eye-attracting, while the subdued grey pants and cool crossbones(!) belt balance things out nicely.




Page 155 – GQ 100, i.e., the “Style Bible” –  Here we go, GQ’s on-trend picks for the season…

0000157Page 156 – “The mark of true personal style is finding a few few things that work for you and sticking to them.” Sound familiar? Meanwhile, re: the pants on the left – The top two might work for some more adventurous, fashion-forward, dandy-types, but the light grey on the bottom can work for almost anyone. To be safe (and as an alternate to the ubiquitous black trouser), go grey.

0000158Page 157, “Discover the Un-douchey Logo” – Strictly for the teen and young 20-something set; if you’re looking for a more mature, more refined, more classic style it’s probably best to stay away from ugly prints and logos (unless a specific situation makes it appropriate). Instead, look at the bottom of the page at the stripes for inspiration, if you want some graphical pop in your tees. Big color blocking is fashionable and on-trend nowadays, but stripes is the more traditional route to play with such patterns.


0000160Page 159, “Subversive Prep” – Love the look – navy slacks, NB sneakers, button shirt and tie in light colors all hit my sweet spots – but, sigh, the jacket might be impractical for many.

0000163161-167, “Remix Your Wardrobe” – Most of these outfits would be suitable in tropical climates like ours; at least in terms of type: short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sockless shoes. However, some of the patterns may be a bit too loud or ostentatious. If that’s what you’re going for, and if it fits with the Style Rules, go for it. Again, not for everyone, but don’t be afraid to try, or get out of the box once in a while.


0000170169, “Tribe of One: Leonardo DiCaprio” – Ah, the played-out baggy cargo short. Leo makes it work and pulls the hotties because he’s Leo-freakin-DiCaprio. Since you’re not, you have to work harder, style-wise. On the left: If blazers would somehow become popular again in mainstream wear, a linen fabric would be the most bearable in this heat.

0000177171-176, “Dress Like a Tough Bastard” – A lot of guys can, and want to pull off the “bad boy” look (many girls squee for it); all-black, a bit greasy. Even better if you have the body, hair (both facial and body) and swagger. Again (and again), it should always be about fit – slim jeans, a slimming shirt, and just the right type and amount of accessories (like chains and other hardware). Attitude and confidence helps, too.