MWM Picks: Shawl Cardigan

by MWM

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Does anything more need to be said? What the hell, let’s do it anyway. The shawl collar cardigan is considered by many to be the height of both style and comfort. It’s formal construction – characterized by  the collar and knit-based fabric is one of the great, timeless combinations in menswear.

As portrayed in films, the look appeared to be favored by old, Ivy-league, professor-types working off-duty in their offices at night by the fire. A bit musty and stuffy. But looking at it worn by the classic male stars (Newman, McQueen) of yesteryear (and current style maven Craig), it simply exudes a relaxed and cool masculinity. It’s probably the most versatile of outwear: you can wear this with a buttoned down shirt to dress your look down oh-so-very-slightly, as well as pair it with a t-shirt and jeans to look classy, but still rugged.

Sweat Shawl Collar Cardigan uniqlo-black-men-heavy-gauge-shawl-collar-cardigan-product-1-2444824-424893791_large_flex men-heavy-gauge-shawl-collar-cardigan-z

Even in this hot weather (which feels like it’s about to get hotter), there’s always a situation that calls for minor outerwear, such as an evening at the movies in a cold theater, or, if you’re not sure how dressy to be in certain formal situations, it strikes a nice balance (with a dress shirt and tie) between relaxed and dressed-up. Not advisable for rainy season, as water can ruin the traditional wool fabric. A “sweat” cardigan is also a nice alternative to the hooded sweatshirt. Same fabric, different type/model.

Also, the look is more suited for 20-somethings and above; not really for the young, teen set. if you’re young, go for a regular, collar-less cardigan, in a bold color, or color-blocked or striped to look fresh.


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