What to Pack: Holy Week

by MWM

Yep, it’s past, so this article’s a bit late, BUT perhaps you regretted not bringing the right type of clothes this time around, and want to make up for it next year. Or if that’s too far ahead into the future, the next vacation. Keeping that in mind, plus the shift the last couple of days into hellacious hot weather, let’s look at some of the clothes you should keep mindful of for that extended vacation period.

Summer ShortsShorts – Like, duh, you’re gonna to need at least one pair, though two would be ideal, especially if you’re gong to a resort, beach or other hot weather climate (you’re not gonna wanna wear the same one every day, right?). Prints and patterns such as floral or are fine for one, but for the other, go for a subdued solid in navy, grey or khaki. Cargo shorts are also good for added style, but stay away from the fashionably-past-its-due-date long and baggy look.

Vacation T-ShirtsT-Shirts – Kind of a free-for-all, meaning whatever design or print is fine, just as long as it’s not too loud or an eyesore. Stripes are a cant-miss style staple, since they evoke that nautical, preppy aesthetic. As far as fit, slim is not always the way to go; it can be a bit restrictive and uncomfortable, especially in the heat and humidity. What’s trendy these days is a looser, but not baggy, fit, with a thinner fabric, such as linen, that hangs off the body well enough to accommodate the cool breeze.

polosPolos – If you’re going to enjoy the nightlife (i.e., bars), and need something that’s dressed up but doesn’t go overboard in terms of comfort, (in other words, no long-sleeved OCBDs) polos are (and will always be) the  way to go. They’re also good for the daytime, but perhaps the next option might be better…

Men's Slim-Fit Chambray Shirts

Short-Sleeve Button Shirts – This is exactly the thing to put on, whether a) you want to look stylish just walking or chilling about, or b) need something to put on after a light swim. With the latter, it’s the convenience of the buttons which make it a comfortable option to put on compared to a typical shirt or polo (especially when you’re still a bit wet). Many options and colors are available, with the Hawaiian shirt currently making a comeback. Again, a linen fabric hits that nice, cool spot.


MEN Linen Cotton Relaxed Trousers

Pants – Stay away from thick, rough jeans (except perhaps when you’re travelling to and from the airport, or doing an outdoor activity). Light cotton or linen is the comfy fabric to be aware of, while light colors such as beige, or better still, white (for that “high-class, Riviera” look) is the on-trend, cool tone.





Men's Color-Block Hybrid-Waist Board ShortsSwimwear – The designs for most board shorts are fine; you can even get a bit wild with bold, obnoxious colors (floral). Like the regular shorts, it’s time to retire the big, baggy shorts that extends towards the ankle. One that hits on the knee or slightly above (or if you’re adventurous and have the body, on the thigh) is flattering to most body types


Beach OuterwearOuterwear – There will be times when the weather will get a bit chilly. In an ultra-causal setting, this is perhaps the only time a hooded sweatshirt will be acceptable. Also on-point is a marine parka, with it’s harder, stiffer texture. Want to be best-dressed on the beach? A cardigan, of course, will up your style quotient, but don’t be stupid and wear wool; go for light cotton or something sweat-style.

Footwear – Sandals or flip-flops, a.k.a., tsinelas are acceptable, but like the hooded sweatshirt, strictly on the beach or resort area please. If you’re going around the nearby towns or rougher terrain, sneakers are the way to go if you’re going to walk around more. Maybe forgo the big, bulky hi-tops; running shoes, slip-ons and canvas models are stripped-down and sleeker.