“Outdoor Concert” Look

by MWM

One of the websites I frequently check out is dappered.com – great if you’re looking for a menswear site that specializes, for the most part, in looking for great deals in many e-tail sites. Once in a while, besides the occasional review, they also put out a recommended outfit ensemble. Recently, they put together a selection for attending an outdoor concert.


And while it’s not bad, per se, it looks, well, a bit average. Starting from the top,  Polos are of course classic, but with the trend nowadays towards slim and close-fitting, they can be a bit constricting and clingy, especially, if you’re going to be sweating and moving around. Moving on to the shorts – yeah, they’re pretty acceptable and solid, but just a tad too basic and simple. Last but not least, boat shoes, while a men’s fashion staple, are not exactly ideal if you’re gonna be walking around in grass and, perhaps (depending on the weather), mud. In addition, while it is important to remain hydrated, the tech-look of the wearable water bottle can throw your whole look off.

Scouring my fave sites, I decided to select some alternative looks that are fashionable, comfortable and appropriate for the setting. Keep in mind this is for an event that doesn’t require strenuous or rigorous activity (such as rock-climbing or hiking) – just a cool, laid-back day at the concert or fair.

shirtsTops – As far as shirting, short-sleeved button-downs in chambray or linen are a cool choice, both in terms of looks and comfort. Many fear the “nerd”-ish connotations, but if you keep it a bit loose loose (unbuttoning the two top buttons, or if you’re more adventurous, three), untucked, and roll up the sleeves, you’ll look fresh and on-point. If solids look a bit staid and boring, go for a gingham pattern.

shortsShorts – Solid-colored shorts in basic colors (khaki, grey, navy) are fine, but a trend that doesn’t seem to get enough attention is embroidered shorts. They add just enough of a subtle statement to make them stand out from typical shorts. Cargo shorts, on the other hand, have been on the way out in recent years, but like cargo pants, if you can get something that’s slim and hits on or above-the-knee, with pockets that don’t protrude, then sure, why not?

sneakersShoes – Yeah, best avoid leather when you’re planning to traverse dirt ground. Canvas is a good better, and if you’re too subdued-looking in the shirt and shorts department, try a colorful pattern like camo or bandana. The key is to keep the whole ensemble balanced.

nato strapsWristwear – Another way to add color, while at the same time keeping cool temperature-wise, is with NATO straps. We’re familiar with the typical stripes, but some foreign boutique brands are stretching out  to include different colors and patterns – Camo? Floral? Paisely? Micro dot? Nice. Alas, they’re not available in the Philippines. Maybe some local seller can distribute them locally?

socksSocks – Since you’re going to be walking around the whole day, it’s a good idea to wear socks to absorb the sweat and stink. Might want to avoid ankle socks so as not to look like a dweeb or gym rat. No show or low-cut is your best bet. On the chance that you take your feet out, why not be a bit playful and go for stripes?

Shades – Should be mandatory every time you hear “outdoor.”square wayfarers 2



bottledwaterWater bottle – For guys not wanting to carry a bag, (or in case you do and want to bring an extra shirt or whatever), as far as keeping hydrated, go the handheld route. It might be a mild inconvenience, but adding unsightly bulk can be even more restricting for guys that want to look stylish. Better idea – if you’re with a female friend, ask her to put it in her bag or purse.