Something Different

by MWM

Ok, let’s do something different. Having been inspired by many menswear blogs for a couple of years now, I’ve often complained that many of theses sites are too cold weather-centric, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because – duh – many of these writer-cum-fashionistas come from Northeast region of the U.S., thus the emphasis (and unabashed love) of layering. (I saw one street style pic of a guy wearing two denim shirts on top of one another.)

But… what about elsewhere, namely hot-weather climates like ours? We can’t all wear jackets and rock the sprezzatura look in our laid-back, casual, third world environment, right? So, for fun, let’s try to find an equivalency to some of these looks. Take for example, these looks from the pretty cool site…


All pretty great, but we can’t all wear multiple layers, jackets, hats, etc. We gotta keep things simple and stripped-down. Some of these looks can be easily translatable to our environment, but some, not so much. Let’s break it down, one look at a time…

Day 1 – Business – The jacket-less banker look. Can look a bit too stuffy when working a casual business environment. But if you vary it a bit and strip it to its basics, it can look cool and breezy, while still being polished and professional.

Day1aDay 2 – Business Casual – Again, multiple layers – a shirt, sweater and a jacket – can lead to overheating (especially if you plan on going outdoors). So, let’s stake it down a notch. And though this look may skew towards the more casual side of business-casual, a cardigan will add a touch of class, while keeping you warm from the chilly air-conditioning.

Day 2b

Day 3 – Nightime(?) – This looks like a look for a night out, specifically in the heat of summer or a warm weather evening, so actually, his look would suit just fine. But with shorter sleeves on a linen shirt? Stylish and especially comfortable if you’re going bar-hopping.

Day 3bDay 4 – “Edgy Business” – Leather would definitely be too hot, but what about denim? A somewhat “dweeby” look (short-sleeve OCBD shirt and navy slacks) can suddenly transform to somewhat “badass” with just one addition.

Edgy business 3

Day 5 – Vacation – Ah, here we go, something that can easily be translated, with no changes necessary. But what if we add a bit more color, plus up the “nautical” aspect of the look?

Vacation look

Day 6 – Business – Hm, another business look. kinda similar to day 1’s look – right down to the vest. So, how’s about an alternate suggestion for the professional class? The denim shirt ups your style game a quotient, while still retaining a work-appropriate outline.

Business 2

Day 7 – Winter – Here’s were it gets dicey. Snow? Definitely none around these parts. But rain? Rivers of it pouring down during monsoon season. You want to be prepared, and at the same time put-together when you finally reach your workplace (and not a dripping mess). In case you’re wondering, the scarf/stole isn’t to keep you warm, but as an additional guard from the elements, as well as wipe away any excess water.

Wet weather

Day 8 – Weekend – Didn’t change much (if anything), right down to the always-great Clarks boots. Shortened the sleeves a bit on the henley, but that’s about it. A testament to a timeless casual look.

Day 8