For Fun: Questionairre

by MWM

Saw this article on profiling this dude. Had a questionairre at the end; thought I’d take it myself (for fun!). Here goes…

My style in three words (or less!)

Classic, Preppy, Accessible


From Gant’s “Team Americano” Campaign

My first “fashion” memory (a favorite outfit from childhood, your mom taking you back-to-school shopping, etc)

In 5th grade, wearing my dad’s denim shearling jacket to school (yep, it was a bit oversized), and getting complimented on it by a teacher. I then thought I might be dressing too mature. Also, in 8th grade, wearing “ranger-style” J.Crew boots and getting complemented on it by some classmates (still remember a girl’s line: “You look hood.”)


Pretty close to the shoes I had.

Party outfit go-to

Hot weather: Short-sleeved linen button-shirt navy; blue rinsed jeans; bass weejuns (sockless). Cooler temp: Denim shirt, navy chinos, Clarks besswax boots.

Fotor01029191450 Fotor01029191845

Favorite “splurge” clothing brand

Don’t really believe in “splurging,” but if I had to spend a lot of money on something, it’ll probably be Alden shoes, or a Barbour jacket.

j-crew-alden2 06-10-2014_barbour_deptbbeaconsportsjacket_oilve_1

Favorite “steal” clothing brand

Hard to find quality clothing for cheap, but I’d say the prices of Uniqlo when they go on sale are really good.

A man’s personal style is important because… 

…it’s an immediate representation of the type of person he is to the outside world.